Let’s get you in position

We help you identify your brand positioning by creating a strategy that sets a clear direction for your brand. Equally we also can level up and energize your current brand positioning.

Brand strategy

The brand strategy matters. It is about maximizing the strength of your brand and your business. It requires an understanding of your current or wished positioning. Is it clear, unique, attractive and reachable?

A purpose-led brand strategy helps capturing expectations and your full business growth potential. A brave brand strategy helps guiding both your internal and external heroes, who wants to be part of shaping who you are, how you would like to do your business and what you offer to your customers – regardless if you operate in a physical or digital setting.

Place making

One of our niche areas for more than a decade is applying our brand expertise on place making – property and retail business, urban and place development. We help our clients within real-estate, municipalities and consortia with business development, positioning and naming of places, project management and change communication.



Brand structure

A structure specifies the relationship between a company’s brands and how a company organizes its brand portfolio. It also highlights the differentiation of the various brands in a portfolio. A clear advantage is to be proactive and ’think tomorrow, today’ when it comes to managing and maximizing the value of a growing brand portfolio.