Åseberget is a mountain with an amazing view over the neighborhoods in Kungälv, outside of Gothenburg. The goal with the city-building project is to connect the city center in Kungälv with the Ytterby district by creating something unique with strong appeal.

For this client we worked on:

— Brand positioning
— Communication strategy
— Visual and verbal identity
— Brand name
— Exhibition concept

Case Åseberget


The project needed to find a focus and a common target for all actors and partners involved. This is to simplify cooperation, increase clarity and for faster decision-making internally within the project group and towards other stakeholders, such as the municipality and its politicians. As a first job, we had to get politicians to realize the potential of the site and put it on the agenda.


We started by defining the project as not just a housing project but a city-building project. After that a clear brand position with assorted key values were defined, a strategic aim for all involved parties during the whole time of planning and building the future place.

As a first step in the external communication we developed a fair concept for Åseberget’s participation at Kungälvsmässan, of course suitable to the future identity. This was the first time the project group met their primary target groups, citizens of Kungälv and politicians, and talked about Åseberget and the clear picture of what they would like to create and build.

What happened?

Åseberget has now got a tool for those involved in the project to engage in negotiations with municipalities and partners. The result of participating in the fair was the most visited exhibition stand and an award as the best one. It created great curiosity and interest amongst the Kungälv people and hopefully also top-of-mind with the local politicians. From being a mountain with potential housing, it has now the possibility to become an active place that puts Kungälv on the map, enabling the group to move it forward on the political agenda.

Case Åseberget

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