At Hede commuter station in northern Kungsbacka, we are further developing the urban and smart district of Björkris with another 800 residential units, services and locals for leisure and socializing. It will be a place where simplicity and its close proximity allow you to embark on your own adventure.

For this client we worked on:

— Communication strategy
— Logotype
— Graphic design
— Website
— Project room
— Production of marketing material
— Continuing strategic marketing support

Case Björkris


There are currently 550 homes in Björkris phase one. There is also a school, preschool, playgrounds and a square where people meet. When Trollängen and Finja acquired the land north of Björkris phase 1, the development of a completely new, twice as big neighborhood started. The challenge now was to create an idea and a target of what type of neighborhood to build. The idea should correspond to the qualities and anticipation of what Björkris in the future would deliver against. Invinn was commissioned to lead a long-term vision and positioning work, but also to help with strategic branding support throughout the detailed planning process, as well as being responsible for marketing communication and PR.


The closeness to the forest and the nature as well as to the city and communications constituted a good basis for the recommended position. The positioning landed in that Björkris can be filled with everyday adventures. Based on the desired position, Invinn developed a complete branding and communication strategy as support for the detailed planning process for the customer, architects and landscape architects. A website and social channels were created as well as the idea, development and project management of a completely new representation hall in the area.

What happened?

The common vision has made all parts involved around a clear target ahead, where everyone has been inspired, and can in a clear way understand what to create. It has contributed to an efficiency and quality of the work regardless of role. Invinn has continued the task of supporting and guiding during the implementation and being responsible for all communication around Björkris.

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