Diaverum is one of the world’s leading providers of renal care, with operations and dialysis clinics in 18 countries, which serve a patient base of more than 33 000 individuals. From a wholeheartedly focus on dialysis clinics, an extension of the Diaverum offering by the opening of the first Diaverum transplantation clinic was planned. A value adding extension of the Diaverum core offering and another way of proving the patient focus and the strive to improve quality of life.

For this client we worked on:
— Logotype evolution
— Brand book
— Clinic guidelines
— Graphic guidelines
— E-learning


Invinn’s challenge was to strengthen the Diaverum brand, maximize the value of it as well as truly prove the brand position. Further, the challenge was to secure that the brand is handled in the correct way for clarity, differentiation and consistency, to avoid dilution of the brand. Cost efficiency and a solution that was possible from a legal perspective also was requested.


Invinn delivered a powerful concept with great possibilities, that is true the architecture strategy. The solution is global and local in the same time while not being limited to transplantations but can be used in many markets with different offerings.

What happened?

The result was d.INSTITUTE, a new part of the core offering with a global name and a description in the local language that can be adjusted to the local offering. A design and concept that aligns with the architecture strategy. A solution that builds local pride and in the same time gives Diaverum the opportunity to upscale and broaden it to other markets. The best from two worlds, the local and the global one.

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