Faktum is a street paper that works to provide income for homeless and other marginalised individuals. The paper is run as a not-for-profit organisation generating income through magazine sales and advertising revenue. Vendors buy copies for 25 kronor and sell them for 50 kronor, retaining the proceeds.

For this client we worked on:

— Current state analysis
— Case movie
— Event marketing
— Commercial products

Case Faktum


Faktum sought out Invinn for strategy counsel and a marketing campaign. The goal: convince prospective advertisers to run with Faktum and in the longer-term increase advertising revenue.


Invinn volunteered its services and expertise to help Faktum hone its marketing strategy for B2B customers. After interviewing key members of the Faktum team to better understand the challenge and the fine art of newspaper advertising sales Invinn started to identify the right compelling sales messaging. Together with Faktum, Invinn developed distinctive and relevant messaging and an anonymous, targeted guerrilla marketing campaign for media agencies. We clarified audited circulation (almost 40,000 copies per month) and total readership numbers (over 130,000 per month) and we highlighted the specific demographic characteristics of the readers, proving the street paper is effective and geared towards a broad audience. The guerrilla activity was supported and followed up by a direct marketing unit the next day, revealing that Faktum was the sender.

What happened?

The guerrilla marketing campaign generated significant media interest and combined with a fresh media kit it has brought Faktum new advertising sales opportunities. The media kit provides relevant arguments for why advertisers should supplement their existing advertising, but also highlights Faktum’s overall creativity. “We’re grateful to have partners like Invinn who are committed to solving complex strategic problems and delivering impact. Their work will help us to reach our target groups and spread our message with renewed confidence,” said Åse Henell, Managing Director.

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