The Forsåker area has a history as an industrial building that extends to the Middle Ages. Paper production in the now closed Papyrus factories started as early as 1653 and ended in 2005. Now MölnDala Fastighets AB has taken over the place with a solid task in moving the story forward. The site will now be transformed into a brand new district in Mölndal with the aid of a consortium of seven construction companies with space for approximately 3,000 homes, restaurants, businesses and offices. Forsåker is a place that many residents in Mölndal have a personal relationship with and feels a pride for when, during their heyday, the paper mill was Mölndal’s largest employer. Through the area flows Mölndalsån which in turn helps to connect Mölndal’s inner city and nearby Kvarnbyn. We were given the task of working with the city and the consortium to develop a brand identity that is based on a destination for many to visit, operate and live in.

For this client we worked on:

— Communication strategy
— Target group identification
— Guide för uppbyggnad av miljö
— Guidelines for offer
— Guidelines for the consortium and their respective communications
— Communications Officer at site


We needed to seize the opportunities where the power of the river together with the qualities of the existing buildings and the cultural-historical heritage create a unique place. In addition, a common goal was needed for everyone involved in the project.


A brand strategy was developed that helped everyone working in the project to steer in the same direction. This direction or positioning became, among other things: A power source, an energizing living environment and an exciting destination that connects the center of Mölndal.

What happened?

Invinn has, with the brand strategy work, been involved in creating the conditions necessary to jointly convey Forsåker’s brand promise and message with associated values ​​and associations. To achieve full effect with the brand strategy, it needs to function as an overall steering tool and permeate all parts, which is now continuously worked on in daily operations. 

During part of the project phase, one of the co-workers at Invinn worked with communication on-site responsible for the overall external communication based on the brand strategy.

Today, the owner and consortium are working on the basis of creating a destination of Forsåker and Invinn sometimes help in strategic issues that affect the brand’s continued development but also move in as project manager assistants when needed.


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