Qamcom is acknowledged for their deep technology application expertise focusing on the products and services in the fields of AI, Wireless Connectivity, Autonomous Systems, Radar Systems and Industrial IoT. 40% of Qamcoms staff has a PhD degree and a vast industry experience.

For this client we worked on:

— Positioning strategy
— Brand Promise
— Graphic design
— Brand Architecture


Qamcom has become a preferred partner for companies where advanced knowledge in AI, wireless communication, automation and signal processing play an important and pivoting role for the development of their new and upgraded products. After almost two decades of successful growth and market expansion, Qamcom wanted to find means for how to further elevate their positioning and brand promise. Invinn was asked to guide the organization in this process.


Qamcom is a non-hierarchical organization without any managers (inspired by the Teal organization principle). This facilitated a working process built on openness and inclusiveness around the strategic dialogue and insights of what is Qamcom´s core strengths and values. Which to be honest are very impressive and natural to emphasize. The process included workshops with representatives from different functions within the Qamcom organization, survey and interviews with employees and existing customers and trend benchmarking. Using brand archetypes when forming the basis for the positioning strategy worked out particular well for Qamcom.

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What happened?

The positioning for Qamcom gravitates around their vast expertise, experienced workforce and the value it brings to their customers. The common ground identified was much related to the dynamics between a sense of a group orientation and the need for independence and individuality within your particular field of expertise. Which lead to formulating the brand positioning of Qamcom as “Unity of experts that is evolving thinking”.

Qamcom successfully apply the new enhanced brand positioning and promise in their internal and external communications. To customers, new hires, subsidiaries and partners. The graphical identity expression has also re-energized Qamcoms website.

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