Selma stad


One of Sweden’s largest property owners, Framtiden Group, is seeking to transform the 1970s landmark Selma Lagerlöf’s Square and surrounding areas into a safe, attractive and modern mixed-use development. The district will in the future feature an additional 3,000 apartments, student accommodation, a new community centre, offices, independent shops and restaurants and a state-of-the-art sports centre.

For this client we worked on:

— Positioning
— Brand strategy
— Graphic design
— Communication strategy
— Website
— Production of marketing material
— Continuing strategic marketing support


Invinn worked with Framtiden Group to create a brand that would set the redeveloped district apart from a growing number of ‘identikit’ City of Gothenburg property developments, barely distinguishable from one another.


Framtiden Group’s vision for Selma Lagerlöf’s Square and the surrounding areas is to create a social hub with busy street life and with local businesses and events at its heart. The brand strategy is designed to reflect this, steering away from generic and clichéd imaginings and phrases in favour of demonstrating a clear point of view – an affordable neighbourhood that is full of life and close to Gothenburg city centre.

What happened?

With a clear and distinctive brand strategy, true to the redevelopment, the district now has the tools in place to tell Selma’s story. The graphical identity is seen on the website. Kristina at Framtiden Group said, “Invinn has delivered a truly engaging brand and given us the direction we need to communicate clearly and attract people from across Gothenburg in this complex project.”

Pattern “Present”

Pattern “Future”

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