As competition intensifies, a clear, attractive and strong identity for places and brands becomes increasingly important. Vasakronan therefore sees a need to identify, formulate and create a clear and attractive identity for the Södertull area, located in central Malmö.

For this client we worked on:

— Positioning
— Inspiration for communication concept


There are different stakeholders in Södertull. So, to simplify cooperation, increase clarity and for faster decision-making the whole area needed a clear and attractive identity. Now everyone knows how and in what direction to develop their parts in the area to make the whole Södertull an attractive place.


We started by defining the starting position for Södertull. After that we had workshops with all stakeholders including representatives from the municipality and city centre. We delivered a clear brand position where also key values were defined. This suits as a strategic guidance for all involved parties during the whole time of planning and building the future.

What happened?

Now the stakeholders will have upcoming meetings regarding how to make this position come true. The city will also put suitable events in the area. Vasakronan opened up their brand new concept, Beyond Us, that will help Södertull to become an obvious place to visit when in Malmö.

Inspiration/vision for Södertull.

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